Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Car repairs... redux....

I just got a call from Mom, in a panic because she called her bank for the 15th time this week to see if the rent cheque had gone through (Of course, since it was just deposited by the co-op treasurer on the Friday (a holiday, here in Canada) of a holiday weekend where monay is a bank holiday, too, it won't go through until at least the end of the week.).
At the same time, she checked to make sure that the money for the payment for the car repairs had been deposited (a month ago, to be exact) and, because she had forgotten that she had written all the information about the repair costs and has forgotten how much and when it was DIRECTLY DEPOSITED into her account, the bank rep said she "couldn't find cheques deposited in that amount".
Now Mother is convinced that the cheque for the repairs will bounce... It won't, of course, because the money was in and the cheque passed at least three weeks ago.

Car keys.....

Mother has a habit of "clearly recalling" a chain of events which have never happened.

Case in point:

"I can't find my car keys.... I came down stairs and made a coffee. Then I came in and sat on the couch and put my car keys on the coffee table. I remember because I said "Well, that's good. At least I don't have to hunt for my keys!" Now my keys are gone!"

After hunting again in her purse, on the coffee table, under all the couch cushions, in the kitchen, her coat pocket, and the front stairs, I run up and have a look in her room....

There they are! Right beside her dressing gown on the bed.